Lack of sleep = selfish partner

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BERKELEY, CA – It’s not called the old ball and chain for nothin’! Everyone can relate to those little miscommunications that turn into a life-or-death battle of principle and moral integrity between spouses, but your level of irritability could be directly connected to the amount of time y’all are spending in the sack (and we’re not talking intimacy).




The people who do studies at UC Berkeley found that poor sleeping habits may lead to couples feeling “underappreciated.”




So, if your partner’s constantly asking ‘why you don’t appreciate me,’ or ‘why don’t you notice all the stuff I do for you?’ it could be time for a nap.




Psychologists say when we’re working on less than seven hours of sleep it makes us selfish as the ‘sleepier you’ prioritizes your own needs over the needs of your partner. If you’re on the edge of a break-up, try getting some zzz’s before making any rash decisions, but if you’re just a thankless jerk blame your attitude on a lack of sleep, at least science has got your back.