Love of southern BBQ turns into big business

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bbqHOUSTON, TX – They say smoking is bad for you. But when it comes to barbecue, we respectfully disagree. And at this hide-away in the Heights, smoked is the only way to go.

Welcome to Gatlin’s Barbecue.

It’s the little place on 19th street that’s making a big stir, bringing in folks from all over town, and serving up the standards with a Houston flare.

“It’s a great family environment,’ says owner Greg Gatlin. ‘I think we’re probably known most for our brisket and ribs.”

But Chew on This: the idea behind this back-street barbecue brasserie came from a love of home-cooking and a small catering business run out of the family’s home. But when demand outgrew the land, it was time for the family to put their heads together and decide whether the risk of opening a permanent restaurant was worth the reward.

“We got together as a family and said, ‘Hey, do you think we can do this?” Gatlin explains. ‘And we said, ‘Hey, I think we’ve got a good product, let’s get out there and go do it.'”

The result: Gatlin’s Barbecue.

And it’s not just their barbecue that sets them apart; it’s a home-style recipe play-book straight out of the south.

“One thing that I think is extremely unique, that I know not very many barbecue places at all carry, is the dirty rice.”

Rice-dressing for those of you who know the lingo. Oh, and for dessert, don’t forget Miss Mary’s famous peach cobbler.

“This is a home-scratch-made peach cobbler that’s full of succulent juices and peaches with an absolutely sweet crust that everyone wants to eat.” Gatlin says.

Enough said?