Mayor Parker’s dirty half dozen get ‘dozed’

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HOUSTON, TX – Ever have the urge to get rid of something the just bugs the heck out of you?

Well, Mayor Annise Parker must feel pretty good after finishing up with her “dirty-half dozen.” We’re talking about the city’s six most run-down buildings that Mayor Parker handpicked to be torn down.

Now, she’s finishing the job with the demolition of the former Aries Hotel, and her project will be a six-cess. Mayor Parker told us, the cities already taken down more than 1,000 single family homes and more than 1,100 units of condos or apartment properties and they’ve still got more to do. The Mayor wasn’t the only person glad to see the old hunk-a-junk building go however.

Neighbors were thrilled to see the eye-sore taken down, as it’s been a safety issue for their children.

There you have it. Six down, thousands more to go, but it’s a step in the right demolition!