Members of Congress love them some Twitter

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WASHINGTON, DC – Congress is all a-twitter. No, really, Congress is all a-twitter.

The social media site Twitter has conducted somewhat of a ‘cyber coup’.

According to a blog post just before the inauguration, all 100 members of the Senate, the world`s greatest deliberative body, and 90% of the House are tweeting on Twitter.

Here’s Senator John Cornyn’s Twitter profile, and here’s the one for the state’s junior senator Ted Cruz.

Cruz hasn’t introduced any legislation, but he’s tweeting about his petition to collect signatures in support of any attempt to impose a ban on assault weapons.

That’s better than former congressman Andrew Weiner who resigned back in 2011 after tweeting a photo of his assault weapon.

Houston congresswoman Sheila Jackson-Lee has a Twitter account, naturally.

But when we scrolled through her tweets, we couldn’t find anything about her latest recognition, as being the worst boss on capitol hill.

At least that’s what a Washington Times survey found after analyzing congressional pay records from the last ten years.

President Obama has a Twitter account. His campaign staff runs it, but you can tell his tweets. They’re signed ‘bo’. No comments, please.

And now the First Lady has jumped into the tweet-osphere. And, like her husband, the Obama 2012 campaign runs her account, writing just about all of her tweets.

But that shouldn’t surprise anyone. If you can lip-sync the national anthem, it must be okay to twit-sync your tweets.