Smoking cigarettes takes ten years off your life

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Yes we know, smoking can kill you.

It causes cancer, emphysema, and a long list of other diseases, and people still do it. That’s why it’s called a habit. Maybe this latest study will have some of you pack-a-day types picking up a patch instead of another pack, but probably not. The New England Journal of Medicine says people who smoke take at least ten years off their life expectancy.

That’s a decade of your life up in smoke (and not in the college years kind of way). The study also found those who kick the habit before they turn 40 reduce the excess risk of death associated with continued smoking by about 90%. Which is great, not only does it bring smokers a sense of hope but also provides a quit date!

They also found out some pretty cool stuff about how smoking affects men and women differently. For example, before the 1980’s women were less effected by smoking than men. Today women who smoke can take about 11 years off their life expectancy, compared to the average 12 years men lose.

However, if death were the only concern smokers would light up till their last dying breath.It’s the diseases that come along with smoking that should really concerned you… because you can live with those for years!