Strip club owner hires hitman to kill mayor, fails

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FORT WORTH, TX – Ryan Walker Grant took his passion and made it happen when he became co-owner of the Flashdancer Cabaret, in Arlington. Now, we’re pretty sure this will eventually become a Made-for-TV-movie, but until then, we’ll fill you in.

The Flashdancer Cabaret was apparently becoming a hot spot for drugs, prostitution and fights in Arlington, so Dallas attorney Tom Brandt and Arlington Mayor, Robert Cluck, shut that baby down in January of 2012.

So, Grant did what would any self-respecting small business owner would do. He called up a friend of a friend of a friend for a couple of hit men in Mexico to come and whack the two city officials. Considering Grant wasn’t able to keep his sleazy-business secrets under the radar, we don’t know why he thought he could pull off a murder for hire plot, but he tried and as sure as water’s wet he got busted.

Now he’s sitting in prison.

At least he’s got the next decade to come up with one killer business plan, that doesn’t involve killing anyone.