Threats at Bellaire HS found to be rumors

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HOUSTON, TX – With Sandy Hook and Lone Star College still fresh on our minds, any little thing can trigger fear on a school campus.

And while social media is often regarded as arbitrary, nothing can be taken as an empty threat.

That rang true through the halls of Bellaire High School Friday, as rumors flew about a gun threat.

Student Macey Temple said, “We’re being told that there was a threat that somebody was going to shoot the school, so everybody just started leaving.

“I heard that it started on Facebook, and then somebody called the school threatening.”

Police or the school hasn’t confirmed that.

Principal Michael McDonough told parents, “We were made aware of a rumor regarding a possible weapon being brought to campus. We have increased our presence on campus through the HISD police department as well as with Bellaire PD units that are patrolling the neighborhood surrounding the campus.”

Macey’s mother, Kim Temple, said, “There’s a lot of things that are goin’ on, a lot of the shootings that are going on right about now with the students. I don’t know what’s going on with the society. But I decided I’m not taking a chance. I’m coming to pick up my children.”

Fortunately, there was no shooting.

But if someone really did make a threat, they need to spend a little less time on Facebook and open a text book.