US marshals make second arrest in Lone Star College shooting

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PLANO, TX – The Dallas suburb of Plano was the end of the line for the second suspect in Tuesday’s shooting on the Lone Star College – North Harris campus.

“The US marshals are the best pack of hound dogs on God’s green earth, and they tracked him and they found him,” Harris County Sheriff Adrian Garcia said during a news conference.

US marshals and Harris county deputies nabbed 22-year-old Trey Foster three days after the shooting that wounded three people, including 22-year-old Carlton Berry, the first person arrested. Both Foster and Berry face charges of aggravated assault.

Berry apparently told investigators he and Foster were on campus when someone bumped into Foster. The three men ran into each other about a half-hour later near the Academics Building, and according to Berry, that’s when his buddy Foster took out a gun and started shooting.

“He confirms that it was an act of being bumped into that is at the root cause of this entire incident,” Garcia said.

Deputies couldn’t find the weapon, and even asked for help from the people on campus at the time. But now they say they found a weapon when they busted Foster.

Maybe this arrest will lower the anxiety level on the college campus.