Woman robs White Castle with a water gun

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CHAROLOTTE, NC – Sure it’s been two years, but 33-year-old Michelle White is finally getting sentenced for playing with toys.

Back in September 2011, Charlotte, NC police say Michelle drove up to a White Castle drive-thru window. She showed the cashier a gun and handed them a note that read, “Give me all your money or I will shoot you.”

The cashier fled, but little did they know, had Michelle actually opened fire, it wouldn’t have been so bad. It wouldn’t have even been dangerous because she used a toy water gun.

Michelle still managed to climb in through the window, steal some cash and drive away. Someone jotted down her license plate number and called police. Soon after, police were knocking at her door.

The slow wheels of justice finally sped up and Michelle was officially charged and sentenced to 15 years in prison.

That’s how she became our Dumbass of the Day!