Breakfast Klub’s Obama mural defaced yet again

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HOUSTON, TX – The fresh start on his second term in office ended with a new blemish on the presidency. Twice in a matter of a few months vandals defaced President Obama’s mural painted on the wall owned by the popular eatery The Breakfast Klub. A splatter of black, red and green paint covered the 10 foot tall portrait of our President.

Even with the new cover-up coat, traces of the splattered paint from the vandals showed through the wall; as well as on the green grass in front of the building. It’s not known yet what the cameras facing the mural caught but, the owner of the breakfast Klub sees his vandalized wall as a fresh canvas for a new portrait.

It was back in October of last year when the mural was repainted following a similar act of vandalism. Now a new mural is in the works, one to replace the latest vandalized portrait. Walls can be painted over, but the stain to our nation is a harder one to fix.

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  • Horseman69

    I don't like Obama either but to mess up another man's property because he does like Obama is just wrong.

    Knowing what I know now I will never eat at the Breakfast Klub either now. I always wanted to try the place too.

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