Charges dropped against one suspect in Lone Star College shooting

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HOUSTON, TX – Chances are, Carlton Berry didn’t know Judge Marc Carter was going to drop the aggravated assault charges against him when he showed up in court Monday morning. Now, questions surrounding the Lone Star College Shooting come down to one lone suspect, Trey Foster.

Both Berry and Foster were in court facing charges of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. It was a quick turn-around for Carlton Berry, however.

His attorney, Robert Jones told us, …” (The case) was dismissed based upon the fact that there was not probable cause, in order to hold him for the crime of which he’s charged.”

The district attorney’s office is still investigating, but it makes us wonder, if Berry’s the victim then why was he charged in the first place?

Sheriff Adrian Garcia held a press conference to let the public know that there was probable cause when the investigation started and he’s proud of his deputies for seeking justice. Trey Foster’s court appearance didn’t have the same outcome as his school-mate.

Assistant District Attorney, Alison Baimbridge, says he was charged with two counts of aggravated assault and $100,000 set in bonds.

The whole thing is a mess with lots of unanswered questions, so the investigation continues.