Children at Risk reveals impact of $5.4B in cuts to schools

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HOUSTON, TX – It’s not always obvious when children are at risk; but you would think $5.4 billion in cuts to public education would be a pretty clear threat.

The organization Children at Risk looked into the impacts of the legislature cutting so much ‘bank’ from the budget during the 2010-2011 school years.

“We know that over 10,000 teacher positions were eliminated in the state of TX,” explained Bob Sanborn, President and CEO of Children at Risk.

The group says the main issues include things like larger class sizes (which they say is linked with disrupted learning for kids under fifth grade) and diminishing pre-k programs.

“These are programs that we know help children be successful all the way to the time they graduate.”

The group wants parents to get on their local lawmakers.

As the student population grows in Texas, they don’t want funding to shrivel up even more.