Donald Trump wants to buy the New York Times

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NEW YORK – Donald Trump is continuing on his path to desperately stay relevant in the news.

But media outlets seem to be failing to take him seriously, including the one he is reportedly trying to buy.

A mere subscription to the New York Times apparently isn’t enough for the real estate mogul.

It’s rumored he wants the entire company, at least, according to New York Magazine’s Joe Hagan.

Hagan is validating this piece of gossip with the “fact” that Trump has had “more than one meeting” about it.

Who Trump has met with is unclear.

Although, it is clear he didn’t meet with the Sulzberger’s (you know, the paper’s publisher since the 19th century).

There’s no statement from Chairman Arthur Ochs Sulzberger, Jr. But there is a tweet from Wall Street Journal Editor Dennis K. Berman. It reads:

“Chairman Sulzberger delivered to me official company comment on Donald Trump buyout idea: Laughter.”

Well Mr. Trump, it looks like the joke is on you. Again.