Flight from Houston makes emergency landing

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WALES, UK – British Airways pilots flying 138 people to London from Houston must have thought they could make the trip without issue, but things don’t always work out as planned.

The flight was on its way to Heathrow Airport, in jolly London town, when the Boeing 747 they were in started having “technical issues.” So, pilots made an emergency landing in Cardiff, about 100-miles short of their intended destination, to check things out.

British Airways told us, “…our flight from Houston continued on to London, after a precautionary diversion into Cardiff Airport.”

The airline went on to apologize to their passengers for any inconvenience, and at least everyone was safe.

With all these technical issues Boeing has been having lately, maybe they should try something new?

Maybe “Boeing Towing” or a lawn service called, “Boeing Mowing”? Because, it seems like this airplane thing just isn’t working out for ’em!