Houston observes Holocaust Remembrance Day

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HOUSTON, TX – It was a dark time in the world’s history, and the United Nations wants to make sure we never forget.

Holocaust Museum Houston, along with the American Jewish Committee, recognized the UN’s International Holocaust Remembrance Day. In doing so, they honored the lives lost and the sacrifices made during World War II.

This year’s honoree: King Boris III of Bulgaria.

“At the beginning of the war, there were 48,000 Jews in Bulgaria, and at the end of the war there were 49,000 because the king did not let Hitler take the Jews from Bulgaria,” said Dena Palermo, co-chair of the Houston chapter of the American Jewish Committee.

“Sadly, my country, Hungary, didn’t do that,’ said Al Markas, a holocaust survivor who now lives in Houston. ‘That’s the reason I spend one year in four concentration camps. But the Bulgarians are very, very lucky because of their king.”

Though it seems to some that the Holocaust is an atrocity in the history books, this holocaust survivor from Houston gives the tragedy a timely meaning.

“That is the slogan we use: never to forget. Because what happened to us, sadly, it could happen to anybody.”

Wise words…