New stomach virus is sweeping the world

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HOUSTON, TX – Something new is sweeping the world, and it comes to us from Sydney, Australia. Don’t get too excited, because you’re not gonna like it. The Sydney strain of the norovirus was discovered there last year.

And now the vomiting bug is in our midst.

Dr. Catherine Troisi with the UTHealth, School of Public Health said, “The CDC is concerned because this is a new strain so people don’t have immunity like when a new strain of flu comes out.”

This new strain is highly contagious, mutates quickly and spreads through communities very easily.

“It may not be life threatening but you may feel sick enough that you wish you would die.”

The best way to protect yourself; heed your mom’s suggestion.

“It’s important to wash your hands correctly, with soap, sing happy birthday to yourself twice, that’s the right amount of time.”

If you’ve been sick, don’t prepare food and disinfect areas that may be contaminated. There isn’t any way to guarantee you won’t get this unfriendly bug, but you might be able to slow it down a bit.

“It is hard to avoid, but proper hygiene is the best thing you can do.”

Hopefully you won’t have to pray to the porcelain god, but if you’ve been attacked, you’ll be happy to know it won’t last long. A day or two and you’ll be back up on your feet.