Surround sound coffins now available for eternal audiophiles

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SWEDEN – The fear of death may be menacing, but now the gloom box may actually be something to look forward to.

Not only will you be drawn to the light; you’ll also be surrounded by luxurious sound.

When it’s your time to kick the bucket, you now have the option of taking your tunes with you.

A pair of two way speakers, tweeters, 8 inch subwoofer and a 4g connection.

In Sweden, Fredrik Hjelmquist who owns an audio/video store, decided the love of music can go beyond our life time, and be shared with the spirits.

Family members left above ground can program music for their lifeless loved one 6 foot under, or a music lover can pre-program a favorite list of songs before they take their final breath.

And they can see what’s playing on tombstone mounted screen.

Let’s just hope nobody wants to disturb your rest with the music you detest.

All yours for just 30 grand; though there’s no word of a lifetime warranty.