Boeing 787 investigation shifts to battery manufacturer

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TOKYO, JAPAN – When something goes wrong, you’ve got to find someone to blame.

The U.S. and Japanese investigation into the Boeing 787 might be doing just that; putting the blame somewhere else.

Earlier this month, all 50 Boeing 787’s around the globe were grounded after one of the jets had to make an emergency landing for an overheated battery. Another caught fire while parked at Boston’s Logan International Airport.

Everyone thought something was out of whack with the batteries so they started their investigation with the battery-makers. But now it’s shifted to the battery manufacturer, the Kanto Aircraft Instrument Company. They’re the ones that make systems that monitor the voltage, charging and temperature of the batteries.

One thing’s certain: we bet officials are charged up about finding what the heck is wrong so they can finally get the 787’s back off the ground.

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