Boy Scouts considers policy change on gays

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HOUSTON, TX – Another barrier could be broken. The Boy Scouts may allow gay members and leaders into their midst; if nothing else, they’re considering it.

Even though, just last summer the organization kept it’s stand to keep gays out, the scouts announced they might reverse the policy as soon as next week.

Both membership and financial support are down.

Could it be that the Boy Scouts of America are reconsidering because Merck Company Foundation, Intel Foundation, UPS and the United Way are holding off on their donations because of the ban on gays?

The Houston area council for the Boy Scouts says they would follow the standards set by the national organization.

The United Methodist Church which sponsors Boy Scout troops in Houston says, “Regardless of the Boy Scouts decision to include gay participants, Boy Scouts would continue to be welcome in our churches.”

But there are those who oppose the change.

The question the remains: will gay scouts be able to come out of the closet or have to wait until they’ve left the scouts.

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