Judge postpones Kimberly McCarthy’s execution

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HUNTSVILLE, TX – What are you eating for dinner tonight? Well, as you contemplate that a woman in Huntsville is probably glad tonight’s dinner isn’t going to be her last.

This afternoon a Dallas judge halted the scheduled execution of Kimberly McCarthy. She killed her 70-year-old neighbor near Dallas back in 1997 and tonight was supposed to be her time.

That’s not happening tonight, but it still could in April, if appeals run out.

This execution would have been rare, even by Texas standards. There have only been 12 women executed in the U.S. since the Supreme Court reinstated the death penalty in 1976. Three of them were deep in the heart of you know where.

There are so few woman executed the infamous ones have even gotten movies made out of their exploits like Monster.

So, McCarthy gets to sleep tonight and wake-up tomorrow hoping her lawyers can convince another judge the jury that convicted her was racially biased.

You decide. She stabbed a woman in her 70’s to death with a butcher knife; to us, there aren’t many shades of grey.

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