New chip allows smartphones to detect bad breath

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SAN FRANCISCO, CA – After the iPod, the iPhone and the iPad; the next big thing in town is the iSmell.

Adamant Technologies, a San Francisco based startup, is now developing a device that will help your smart phone detect smells. All kinds of smells, they say. Whether it’s your bad breath, a pizza in the room or a smell that could help monitor medical conditions, like diabetes.

The average human nose has about 400 sensors able to pick up and identify various chemicals in the air. Adamant’s new platform has about 2,000, like a dog’s nose. ¬†Another miracle of nanotechnology.

Adamant has recently raised $2.5 million to fund this invention and is expected to attract more investments this year. In the meantime, the company is mass-producing its chips in Austin.

It’s amazing – our phones will soon smell us and feel us: there are reports the iPhone 6 will have fingerprint detection so only you can use it. Touching, smelling… maybe smartphones are getting too smart. Don’t you think?

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