Ugly Kids: A parent’s secret fear

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UNITED KINGDOM – Having a baby comes with lots of worries.

Will my child be healthy? Safe? Get a good education?

But what if you have an ugly child?

A new survey conducted in the United Kingdom finds that one in 12 parents worry that their kid is ugly. About three times as many parents admit finding one of their friends’ kids unattractive.

Come on, we can’t all have celebrity babies!

But here’s an ugly fact that can’t go ignored:

  • Of the more than 1,300 parents polled, 23% of them admitted to buying beauty products for their little one.
  • 35% purchased nail polish
  • 28% purchased lipstick/gloss
  • 23% purchased mascara
  • 12% purchased concealer
  • 8% purchased fake tan

Hmm, what could have possibly inspired the Brits to do such a thing?

Ah, yes. America the beautiful.

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