Woman loses legs, fingers after being bitten by dog

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AUSTIN, TX – Some people say your bark can be bigger than your bite. But one dog’s small bite is turning out to be a much bigger problem for a 48-year-old Texas woman.

In December, Robin Sullins broke up a fight between family dogs and got a small bite on her finger and a scratch on her leg. It didn’t seem like a big deal, but Sullins got really sick with a fever, vomiting and chills. Her organs even began to fail, and her hands and feet turned black and blue.

Doctors figured out it was a bacteria known as ‘Capnocytophaga.’ But it as it turns out, the bacteria is nothing out of the ordinary.  In fact, doctors say it’s found in the saliva of 1/3 of healthy cats and dogs. Normally, humans have nothing to worry about, but because it made its way into Sullins bloodstream, things took a turn for the worst. Doctors had to amputate both her legs and most of her fingers.

Her family has set up a website, www.robinsullins.com to help raise money for her medical bills. They say despite her situation, Sullins still loves her pets. After all, they are called man’s best friend.

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