Teen who performed at inauguration killed in Chicago

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CHICAGO, IL – Just last week, 15-year-old Hadiya Pendleton performed at President Barack Obama’s inauguration in Washington, D.C. This week, her family is planning her funeral.

Hadiya is the latest victim in Chicago’s notorious gun violence. She had just finished a final exam, and was standing under a park canopy with a group of friends just a mile away from the president’s Chicago home trying to avoid the rain.

That’s when witnesses say a gunman came out from behind a fence and opened fire. Sadly, Hadiya was fatally shot in the back. Police believe the suspect may have mistaken the girls for a rival gang.

“You look at her. You look at how she talked about her future. She took her final exams. She had dreams,’ said Rahm Emanuel, mayor of Chicago. ‘And this gang banger, this punk. They took it away from Hadiya. And in my view, they took it away from the city of Chicago.”

This month alone, 42 people including Hadiya, have been murdered in Chi-Town, making this the deadliest January the city has seen in a decade. Last year’s statistics: 506 people murdered in Chicago.

In the meantime, a $14,000 reward has been posted to try to catch Hadiya’s killer.

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  • George Wesley Sauro

    I am deeply saddened about the senseless murder of yet another promising young person. Just because some wantabe gangster wants to ” protect his turf “. Does he or any of the other simple minded punks he hangs with own the whole neighborhood? Pay taxes on it? Have a job? Do anything but rob, steal, get high & drunk 24/7? I very much doubt it. They carry stolen & black market acquired guns & kill people for thrills. Maybe if the whole gang had a combined total IQ of more than

    .0000001 one of them might be able to see that all of this senseless killing is wrong. Maybe we citizens should band together & start hunting them. No limit. Treat them like the rabid dogs they are. But then they’ll crying for protection from the big bad upright citizens who have a God given right to protect what they worked so hard to get.

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