Super Bowl, super ads

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USA – Tis the season for TV commercials to compete to leave you with your mouth open for another full year.  Back in the day, Super Bowl ads were kept a secret until the last minute. But now… well, you know they just “leak”.

Coca-Cola takes you on a funny adventure to the desert. Volkswagen wants you to enjoy a sunny day, and GoDaddy… Oh, God!  You guys have to see Bar Rafaeli kissing; who is that guy? What happened to Leo DiCaprio?

It’s been reported CBS rejected an even racier version of this commercial, with a French kiss going all the way, arguing it was not family friendly. But now we’re fine, right?

The Israeli top model and Hollywood extra Jesse Heiman, in this case playing the geek, are giving us even more proof that reality is a matter of perspective:  “Look what this girl is willing to do for money!” – many would say.  And “this dude is being paid to kiss Bar Rafaeli!  He’s a true Super Bowl champion!”

Opposite reactions to the same commercial.

They say there’s no such a thing as bad PR. So, well done GoDaddy: we’re going to be talking about this commercial for a long, long time.