Demarcus Spurlock: More than just a football player

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Anyone on the gridiron staring into the eyes of Demarcus Spurlock knows they’ll have their hands full with the 5′ 7″ 230-lbs. linebacker and fullback.

But Spurlock is much more than a football player. The north forest high school senior is our class act of the week.

North Forest Independent School District Athletic Director Darrell Hawkins says, “Demarcus is an example. if you had a hundred Demarcus’, you wouldn’t be in any of the situations that people talk about. A fine young man of character. Goes to class. Everybody loves him on the football team and in the community.”

North Forest High Schoo head football coach Plez Atkins adds “He’s just a straight A student. He’s always says yes sir, no ma’am to everybody and he has just been a joy to coach.”

Spurlock has been on varsity since he was a freshman and at times it was rough being a Bulldog football player.  Losses reduced him to tears.

Atkins says, “When I walked up to him, he said to me, ‘Coach, I just want to win, and it doesn’t seem like everybody collectively wants to win.'”

But that changed last season as the Bulldogs went undefeated during the regular season.

The team faltered in the playoffs but Demarcus hasn’t since he has accepted a full-ride football scholarship to Texas A&M – Kingsville.

Spurlock says, “That’s one of the schools that offered me first, so I said the first school to offer me, I was going to be loyal to them. So I’m going to be a Javelina.”

Spurlock says he will study education and hopes to become a teacher one day.

North Forest HS marketing teacher Marcus Ford says, “When you have somebody like Demarcus Spurlock in your classroom that can help you with the peer learning, so he can help other students as well, it makes your job really easy.”

This class act seems right home in the classroom and it would appear that the student will soon become the teacher.