Officer-involved shooting under investigation in north Houston

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Don’t criminals know to never return to the scene of the crime?

It’s unclear whether or not The Healthy Lunchbox on West Greens in Houston was hit by the same guy, but it was hit two nights in a row. Sunday night, things didn’t go so well.

Cops showed up as a buy was burglarizing the place. The suspect hopped in a stolen van and tried to run the cops over.

That’s when cops started shooting.

The guy tried to flee through a metal fence, which was kind of successful. He made it out into the street, through the median, and hit a wall.

The cops then ran across the street, and the guy tried to run them over again. This time, he bumped one of the cops. He’ll be okay.

The guy then turned the car around and tried to get out of there, but he hit an electric pole and a bunch of transformers exploded.

At that point, some other cops had shown up and fired some shots.

the guy was shot in the leg. He’ll be okay, but he’ll be in a lot of trouble.

We’re betting he’ll think twice about trying to rob another business.