Thieves tase entire family, including 4-year-old

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HOUSTON, TX – Whatever happened to honor among thieves? We’re not expecting criminal merit badges or anything, but after hearing what four scum bags in east Harris County pulled off it’s hard to come up with names for the low lives.

Harris County Sheriffs tell us a man, out working on a horse ranch, was kidnapped by four Latino men. They drove him to his house on Waldine where they tied the guy, his wife and his 23-year old son up demanding cash. When they didn’t have any cash to give the suspects beat the man and his son before tasering the entire family, including a 4-year-old kid!

What, did they expect the little one to hand over some tooth fairy money?

That’s when two of the guys grabbed the dad, jumped in his Ford F-350 and drove off. The other two guys took off on foot.

Fortunately, the dad was eventually able to escape the delinquent drivers and made it back home. The four low-lives are still on the loose.

So keep your eyes peeled. We might not find them in a dumpster, but this kind of trash needs to be taken off the street.