Washington state seeks experienced pothead

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OLYMPIA, WA – It used to be, if you wanted to amount to anything when you got older, you were told to lay off the “weed!” But now this kind of higher education is almost seen as a prerequisite, for this newly created job opening in Washington State.

A few months ago, they voted to make recreational marijuana use legal. Now the Evergreen State is looking for a marijuana manager to run and regulate its soon-to-be-retail reefer.

The State Liquor Control Board wants to hire a “pot consultant” to oversee everything green in the state. Of course, a law degree is preferred; but they also want someone who knows how ganja is grow, cultivated, harvested, cured and processed. Also how pot is packaged, labeled, transported and sold at a retail level. Know-how on how dope should be destroyed if over produced, contaminated or recalled is a must. And of course, someone who knows the difference between the primo stuff and skunk weed.

Washington is jonesing for a new legal drug czar so badly; the state is willing to look the other way if a candidate has a past pot-related conviction. This is really a green job, and it could pay off for the state.

The budding marijuana business could generate about $2 billion in the first five years. No wonder the state is searching high and low to fill this position. But we bet Washington’s mostly searching high.

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