Forbes 10 most disliked athletes

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NEW YORK, NY – He won’t be winning any cycling titles again, but Lance Armstrong has earned himself a new distinction.

According to Forbes, he is the most disliked athlete in the U.S.A. Nielson reps reportedly say that Oprah interview only made him look even more “pompous, arrogant and unapologetic.”


Also coming in at just 15% likeability, the number two most unappealing athlete in the country is Manti Te’o.

Most people do think he got duped, but still feel like he played up the whole “girlfriend with cancer” thing.

Rounding out the top ten:

3. Tiger still isn’t out of the ‘Woods’ from his scandal yet.

4. Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler is a little grizzly for most folk.

5. Metta World Peace apparently isn’t inspiring most people.

6. A-Rod is too ‘dramatic’

7. Michael Vick hurt dogs

8. Kurt Busch is seen as a jerk

9. Kobe Bryant still has those rape allegations hanging over his big head.

10. And at number ten: Tony Romo. The only thing this poor guy has done, is NOT get the Cowboys to the Super Bowl. Relax, Dallas!

Anyway, one athlete that’s noticeably absent from the list: LeBron James (which almost makes you wonder if Ohio was even polled?!).

There’s still so much resentment toward LeBron James in the Buckeye State, officials keep rejecting vanity license plates that lash out at the old Cavs player.

Yah know, in the end, all these athletes want to win.

The good news for them — they probably don’t care too much about the popularity contests.


  • bigdaddy417

    I love all of these guys except for Lance Armstrong. Dont know him well enough yet. I know what he did by suing those people knowing he did it, that wasnt right. But how is Lebron and Dwade not close to the top of this list. Kevin Garnett should have an honorable mention too. My number one right now would be Dwight Howard. I really hate him. And no im not an orlando fan imma bulls, bears, cubs fan. This dude just gets under my skin.

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