Carnival cruise ship stranded in Gulf after fire

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GALVESTON, TX – Passengers aboard the Carnival Triumph are probably saying “oh ship!” Thanks to an engine room fire on Sunday, the vessel is now stuck in the Gulf of Mexico. As if that isn’t bad enough, only some of the restrooms are working for the more than 4,000 passengers and crew members.

Fortunately, no one was hurt, but it looks like the passengers’ vacation is beyond repair.

The plan is to tug the ship to the closest port, which is in Progresso, Mexico, by Wednesday. From there, the passengers will fly back to the States.

In the meantime, passengers will receive a full refund for their ill-fated cruise and transportation expenses, not to mention reimbursements for some on-board expenses.¬† Passengers will also get a free cruise in the future. Yea, we’ll see how many take them up on that offer.

From the Carnival Triumph in the gulf, to tragedy in the Atlantic.

Five crew members were killed while another three were injured during routine maintenance on board the UK based ship Thomson Majesty.

It happened during a lifeboat safety drill in the Canary Islands. The details are sketchy, but reports say a lifeboat plummeted into the water before capsizing.

While the three injured men are recovering at local hospitals, it goes without saying: an investigation has been launched.

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