Prisoner fails to turn off phone before hiding in rectum, gets caught by ringtone

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COLOMBO, SRI LANKA – We know it must be tough to get a cell phone signal from deep inside a manhole, but a very unlucky prisoner in Sri Lanka had no trouble receiving a call from his you know where.

A 58-year-old convict got caught with his pants down when the cell phone he was trying to smuggle into jail (by hiding it up his butt!), started to ring. X-rays showed that not only was this unnamed jailbird able to conceal the cell phone, he also managed to fit in a hands-free headset inside his roomy rectum.

We all know butt dialing can be embarrassing, but when your rear-end starts receiving calls; someone’s got some explaining to do!

Needless to say, a ringing butt is a sure-fire way to make jailer’s suspicious, so the prisoner (who was serving a 10 year stint for theft) was taken to the hospital to answer some questions. Two days later the convict was back in his cell with his cell out of his back.

Maybe he would have gotten away with it, if he’d just put his ringer on vibrate. But that outcome would have also been “silent but deadly” because the prisoners squirming and not the sound would tip off the guards that something was up.

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