Riot erupts at Mardi Gras Galveston

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GALVESTON, TX – Call it Mardi Gross! Galveston looked more like a war-zone than a party late Saturday. After the festivities ended, people refused to leave. They crowded the street along the Strand, and started throwing barrels and barricades.

Seven people were arrested, no one was hurt and the businesses are okay. A Galveston P.D. statement said in-part: ‘This disturbance was not indicative of the overall law enforcement experience…”

Things were also messy in New Orleans Saturday night. A shooting on Bourbon Street wounded four people. One guy is still in critical condition, and police are looking for the suspect.

It’s sad stuff. If this is supposed to be a ‘good” time, we would hate to see a bad one.


  • KoriBeck

    I was there Saturday night when the fight/riot broke out & was gassed by the police because they were trying to clear the roads & that's how they were clearing them…by lobbing tear gas at the crowds, even the ones not involved with the riot or fight. Still recovering from the gas.

  • connie moreno

    I also was there Saturday it was alright ay first but then it started to get violent so ne and family and friends left.I also saw a young lady hit a boy with a light up stick in.his face.and I do remember her telling him don’t touch me! Maybe fat Tuesday will be better for all of galvestonians.

  • Mariasmagic

    The only reason they let loose tear gas was because the police were being pummeled with glass bottles. I've been to Mardi Gras in Galveston. The way they clear is not with tear gas. Had the people gone home and not stayed to watch the carnage they would not have problems with the tear gas.

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