Basketball wives set to let loose in Houston

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HOUSTON, TX – It’s NBA All-Star weekend in H-Town. You know what that means – basketball wives will be let loose in Houston. No need to panic, though. Candace Ford, wife of retired San Antonio Spurs star TJ Ford says we have nothing to worry about.

“What’s presented on television is exactly what it is. It’s television, and it’s mere entertainment. It’s not what a typical NBA wife does,” said ford.

What NBA wives are up to is far from typical. For 20 years, the ladies have been doing good for communities across America.

“We’re an organization of women that come together to show support. We do a lot of philanthropic work in the community nationwide. So not just in Texas, but all over, because we have over 100 members that participate in the group,” said ford.

In addition to a Behind the Bench gala on Friday night, Candace, along with fellow NBA wives Clerenda McGrady, Ashley Walker and Shelby Francis, will be hosting the Glam Slam on Saturday.

“We’ll be having women come in, and have their makeup done, there will be other salon services like waxes and hair, manicure and pedicures that we will be providing for free,” said Ford.

See? Like we said: nothing to worry about, Houston!