Constables seize 100 pot plants from storage facility

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KINGWOOD, TX – Something’s in the air in Kingwood. Just ask the owner of a storage facility on Northpark Drive. He smelled something shady Monday night and called the Constable’s Office.

An undercover constable said the owner ‘suspected that he might have smelled the odor of marijuana coming from one of the storage units.’

Boy, was he right.

Constables got a search warrant and busted in.

The undercover constable said they ‘found two separate grow operations… which shielded close to 100 marijuana plants.’

There’s no word on the street value. There’s also no suspect yet, but it’ll be a real drag for the guy when he shows up to check on his precious plants. Oh, and they were hydro plants.

We bet Snoop Dogg (Snoop Lion?) knows a thing or two about that.

Folks who attended this year’s pre-Grammy “How I Wrote That Song” panel discussion say Snoop passed around more than just insight to his songs.

He smoked “that purp, that bomb, that kush” on stage.

They say B.O.B. even took a few hits.

But would you expect anything else from The Chronic toker?

It’s who he is.