Ex LA cop turned fugitive, Christopher Dorner, believed dead

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BIG BEAR, CA – Christopher Dorner, the ex-cop, turned fugitive, is believed to have died in a charred, mountainside cabin on Tuesday. Authorities say it will stay take some time, however, to be totally sure.

“It is difficult to identify the remains of someone in a [charred] building, and that could take days or weeks to do a DNA analysis or forensic dental analysis, depending on the condition of the body,” says LAPD Lt. Andy Neiman.

It all started to unravel Tuesday afternoon.  A man matching Dorner’s description was spotted driving in the Big Bear area, near Los Angeles. That sighting led to a chase and two shootouts. One officer was killed.

Cops say Dorner had been targeting L.A. police officers and their families, allegedly, to avenge his firing from the force. In just the last nine days, he’s believed to have shot at several officers, killing two, along with a former cops’ daughter, and her fiancé.