Mountain Dew rolls out breakfast drinks with 20% more caffeine

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PURCHASE, NY- Need a little kick in the morning and Mountain Dew’s just not doin’ it for you anymore?

How about fruitier, dewier Dew; as in 22% more caffeine? That’s what Pepsi’s rolling out later this month in their new drink called Kickstart.

They aren’t calling it an energy drink (probably to avoid all the backlash over deaths being investigated around those). Instead, the can says it’s “energizing.”

Kickstart comes in two flavors: fruit punch and orange citrus. But don’t be fooled into thinking this is like a healthy can of fruit juice. It’s 5% juice and 95% artificial sweeteners, caffeine and a bunch of other stuff your mama warned you about.  It’s probably most of the same ingredients Pepsi admitted would turn a mouse into a “jelly-like substance” when a guy sued them, claiming to have found a rodent in his Dew can.

And the caffeine in Kickstart (92 mgs) isn’t even a third of what’s in your average Yuppie cup of Joe at your favorite Seattle-based coffee shop (330 mgs).

So if you want a real kickstart, stick with Fivebucks– uh… Starbucks. Unfortunately, that’s also a kick in the wallet!