Name Pluto’s two newest moons

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MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA – Calling all science geeks, weekend astronomers and Carl Sagan wanna-bes; the galaxy needs you.

The SETI Institute is giving the public an opportunity to name Pluto’s two newest moons. Right now they’re call P4 and P5 but by the end of this month they’ll have a name derived from Greek or Roman mythology. Pluto was named for the Roman god of death. Previously discovered moons Charon, Hydra and Nix also have mythology based names. All the info is at including potential name choices, but if you think you’ve got a better name you can send a ‘write in’ suggestion.

So far more than 75,000 votes are in and the website has a hit from nearly every country on the planet. It seems even as a dwarf planet, Pluto and its moons rock!