Alvin College offers sonograms of your heart for Valentine’s Day

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ALVIN, TX – Know what your getting for Valentines Day?

Maybe you`d do better with something simple like flowers, or candy, or a picture of your heart.

Yep, students and faculty over at Alvin Community College are pouring their hearts into giving you a picture of yours with a special personalized message to your loved one.

Jessica Murphy, Program Director, says things like you will always be in my heart, or my heart beats for you. You can put an arrow and it can say you are here.

It`s an actual sonogram of your heart?  Does that sound strange?

Andrew smith had scan and said obviously, it comes from the heart. It`s a meaningful thing. Out of the ordinary from traditional Valentines Day gifts.)

Zachary Gruetzner believes you just need to lay there. Relax and we will get you something your valentine has never seen before

Any gift on Valentine’s Day is special, especially one from the heart.