Couples who drink together, stay together

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OSLO, NORWAY – Let’s toast to that! But if one of the spouses drinks too much? Well, they are more likely to get divorced. This might sound like common sense to us, but now it has scientific backup.

Norwegian researchers surveyed 20,000 couples to find out whether there’s a connection between drinking habits and divorce rates.

It seems like husbands and wives who both drink in moderation are more compatible: just 5.8% of these couples ended up with a painful goodbye. The highest divorce rate – 26.8% – goes to couples of heavy-drinking wives and light drinking husbands. However, when roles were reversed results differed: only 13.1% of those couples ended up divorcing. It looks like empty bottles come with a message of gender inequality.

Couples in which both spouses are heavy drinkers show a divorce rate of 17.2%, while couples who don’t drink at all are less likely to get divorce.

But, seriously: have you ever heard of a memorable night that both started and ended with a glass of water?