Details emerge about Dorner’s gun fight with police

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BIG BEAR, CA – It’s still not 100% clear that rogue ex-cop Christopher Dorner is dead, but while we are waiting for that guarantee, his trail is coming into focus.

On Tuesday, Karen and Jim Reynolds say they found Dorner in their mountainside home. They say he bound them and stole their car, but she managed to call 911.

“We would like to clarify that we were the victims,” Karen Reynolds told reporters.

Once police spotted their Nissan, Dorner barricaded himself in a different cabin, and a shoot-out went down.

“It was absolutely incredible. It was like a war zone,” said San Bernardino County Sheriff John McMahon.

Ultimately the home was set on fire.  Now, while everyone is waiting for a positive ID on the charred body found inside, we are hearing that personal effects, reportedly including Dorner’s license were found on the remains.

In all, Dorner killed two officers, along with a former police captain’s daughter and her fiancé.

He had vowed revenge on the LAPD, supposedly for firing him unfairly a few years back. But none of Dorner’s victims were actually members of the Los Angeles force. Either way, four people are dead, and soon we may know if the fifth is the man who started it all.

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