Meteor explodes above Russia

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CHELYABINSK, RUSSIA – The Russians got a surprising wake-up call this morning, as they looked up at the sky.

Over the town of Chelyabinsk, a meteor, about the size of a bus and weighing about ten tons caused a lot of damage. At least a thousand people were hurt and shattered glass and left debris everywhere.

OK, that was the one that hit, how about the one that missed us this afternoon, and be glad it did.

Asteroid 2012 DA14, about the size of half a football field, passed about 17000 miles from us. That’s closer than the moon’s orbit. It passed over us at 1:25 this afternoon.

Scientists have known about this asteroid for about a year and were sure there was no danger, but if there was a threat, would we have been able to do anything?

Dr. Carolyn Sumners with the Museum of Natural Science said, “The more we know about these asteroids, the more we’ll know about how to deflect them.  What you need to know is not about generic asteroids but about the one that’s going to hit you. At least, a year’s warning is enough to evacuate a city if a city’s going to be hit, so we at least have figured out how to save lives.”

Are people concerned?

“Not after seeing the movie Armageddon,’ said Donnie Hunter who was visiting the museum. ‘If we can blow one up in a movie, I think that the astronauts and NASA and everybody else here on the earth can surely take care of one half that size.”

Be safe everyone!