The Breakfast Klub gets a new Obama mural

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HOUSTON, TX – The President just started his second term, and he already needs a face-lift, or at least his face in Midtown needs a face lift.

Wednesday night Houston Artist Reginald Adams started repainting a mural of President Obama for the fourth time, as the first three versions of his artwork were defaced.

Adams says, “…there is absolutely a sense of disappointment and frustration and anger that’s associated when you hear about your artwork being destroyed or the President being disrespected or your property being defaced.”

As for why he thinks the paintings are being destroyed, Adams says, “…whether it’s his policies or it’s him as a person, there’s some folks that can’t get beyond that.”

Just like the opposition the President’s facing or the opposition the President’s face is facing, Adams isn’t letting the opposition keep him down. He says he’s excited about the opportunity to create something new. That’s a lesson they could use in Washington too.

Even if it’s not art to you, appreciating someone’s effort could lead to the hope and change we’ve all been waiting for.