US Airways merging with American Airlines

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FORT WORTH, TX – What happens when you combine Valentine’s Day with a sky-high merger?

If you said membership in the Mile-High Club, then you would be wrong, and very naughty.

But there is some big-time merging in the business world. American Airlines is hooking up with US Airways, proving once again that size really does not matter.

That’s because the smaller US Airways took advantage of American, making the move when she was on her back after her parent company filed for bankruptcy back in 2011. If the bankruptcy court and federal regulators allow the two love birds to consummate their union, they`ll end up as the world’s largest airline, but American will get to keep her name.

Billionaire Warren Buffett is singing a happy song, that’s because he’s relishing the day he gets into the condiment business.

No, not the condom business, although that’s an idea for safe investing,

No, he wants to get into the condiment business. Buffett’s Bershire Hathaway has tag teamed with 3G Capital to buy the ketchup maker Heinz for about $28 billion. It would be an all-cash deal, worth about 20-percent more than the stock`s all-time high.

The new Secretary of State John Kerry is probably doing his happy dance, and not just because he’s filling Hillary Clinton’s high-heels, but because his wife Teresa is the Heinz heiress and this deal should keep them in the special sauce for a long time.