Baby found alive in plastic bag

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CYPRESS, TX – If you need it, chances are you can find it at Walmart. One woman living in the Stonegate Villas Apartment Complex, in Cypress, found a Walmart bag outside her apartment gate that definitely didn’t come from the discount super center.

Sergeant Gordon Trott, of the Harris County Sheriff’s Office told us, “[A] reportee had let her dogs out for the evening. The dogs alerted her to the fence, when she looked at the fence there was an unknown package wrapped in a Walmart sack… The reportee opened the sack and found a newborn infant.”

The baby girl had been cleaned up, umbilical cord had been cut and she was left beside a fence all alone.

Fortunately, she wasn’t outside long before a woman found her and cops say the healthy newborn is in good condition. She’s being checked out Texas Children’s Hospital.

There are laws to prevent this kind of thing from happening. Whoever is responsible could have dropped the baby girl off at any hospital or fire station, with no questions asked.

Instead, Harris County Investigators, with the crimes against children unit, will be looking for the misfit mother.

Maybe she didn’t realize that’s why babies don’t come with receipts. They’re not intended to be returned!