Hospital live tweets C-section birth

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HOUSTON, TX – Has reality TV hit a new low? If it wasn’t enough with the Kardashians’ worst kept inner most secrets, now get ready for female innards. A 39-year-old woman has volunteered to have her C-section broadcast in what has been defined as Twitter’s first live surgical birth. Call it early symptoms of the “stage mom syndrome” if you will.

Images are pretty graphic. Or as any physician would call it: desktop wallpaper. Doctors at Women’s Memorial Hermann Hospital documented the event from pre-admission testing and anesthesia, to the first surgical incision and delivery of the baby.

We’re happy mom and baby are OK. Congratulations to the family. But we’re also very impressed that almost 14,000 people followed the surgery on Twitter. A new feat for medical voyeurism.

With all these new “how-to videos”, who needs a hospital?