Idea of all-out cyber war just got kicked up a notch

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BEIJING, CHINA – The US security firm Mandiant says it has proof the Chinese government is behind a massive cyber-espionage campaign. And that the Chinese army is running the show out of some nondescript buildings in Shanghai.

Mandiant says the Chinese have stolen hundreds of terabytes of data from at least 141 organizations across 20 industries around the world since 2006.

“We’re releasing 60 pages of evidence, over 3000 technical indicators, everything from domain names to IP addresses to the actual encryption certificates that the attackers used,” said Mandiant vice president Grady Summers.

As expected, the Chinese are pointing the finger at Uncle Sam.

“According to figures from Chinese authorities, 14 million Chinese computers were attacked by 73,000 IP addresses from abroad. Most of these cyber-attacks come from the United States,” claimed Hong Lei, a Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson.

Yeah, but the big question is who hacked into Burger King`s Twitter account, changed the logo to the McDonald’s logo, and said that Ronald McDonald had just bought the Burger King.

Yeah, now who could have done that?