NASA temporarily lost communication with Space Station

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HOUSTON, TX – Houston had a problem Tuesday morning, but just for a little while.

At 8:45 a.m. the International Space Station lost communication with Houston’s mission control.

NASA Spokesman Josh Beyerly said, “We couldn’t talk to the astronauts and we couldn’t command the space station for about three hours.”

But, there was no need to panic.

NASA Officials say flight controllers were just updating some software. But since this is space exploration and not the latest version of JAVA, there was a minor hiccup.

“The Expedition 34 crew still had full ability to command the space station themselves, so it was never in any danger and the crew was never in any danger.”

Mission control was able to contact the ISS crew as the station passed over Russia.

Then at 11:34 a.m. communication was restored.

“It was more of an annoyance and something we had to work through than it was any sort of dangerous situation.”

Was it more annoying than Houston not getting a space shuttle? Yeah, we’re still bitter.