Pope Benedict XVI to receive $3500 a month in retirement

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VATICAN CITY, ITALY – He’s just eight days away from his retirement. The real question on everyone’s mind is: what kind of payday is in store for the Pope Benedict XVI?

A whopping $3500 a month, which comes out to around $40,000 per year. That’s the same amount given to retired bishops. Though we’re sure the pope will get a sweeter deal than a garden-variety bishop, the Vatican is mum on any other financial arrangements.

As far as the name game goes, Benedict will hold the title of Bishop Emeritus of Rome, though he’ll go back to using his given name: Joseph Ratzinger.

While the papal pension gets sorted out, the bigger issue of finding a new pope is still on the table. Could it be Boston’s cardinal Sean O’Malley? Rumor has it that he could be next in line. Though O’Malley, in terms of history, could have a snowball’s chance in you-know-where. It’s a long-held belief that no American will be chosen to be God’s other right hand man. But hey, miracles can happen.