30 illegal immigrants found stashed in home

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HOUSTON, TX – How would you feel if your next door neighbor had essentially turned their home into an international sardine can? That’s the position folks living on the 8500 block of Glenaire, in Southeast Houston found themselves in early Thursday morning. It’s a story about as long as the Rio Grande, but we’ll keep it speedy.

The Houston Police Department was initially investigating a possible kidnapping in southeast Houston. Cops say it looks like it was a Coyote deal, where someone was brought across the border into Houston. They agreed on a sum, but the suspected coyotes started to demand more money and said the kidnaped person would be hurt if they didn’t get the additional amount. Tips led cops to a house on Glenaire, where they found 30 immigrants hiding all over the house.

ICE took to immigrants into custody and HPD arrested the suspects they believe to be in charge.

Coyotes? These people are downright dogs!

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